Sunday, May 30, 2010

Artichoke Lighting Options

I thought I would feature some artichoke lighting options in honor of the name of my new blog. I am in love with the colorful Artichoke Lamp by Stray Dog Designs. It is so fun and playful. Enjoy!
1) Design Within Reach
2) Ibis & Orchid Design
3) Currey and Company
4) Stray Dog Designs
5) The Designer Insider
6) Barbara Cosgrove
7) Uttermost
8) Bravi Collection


  1. Love these lamps and night lights. Thanks for following my blog and welcome to blog land. Look forward to your future posts. Please stop by and say hi sometime...Kim

  2. I especially love the third and the last two.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog and following.

    Also, regarding artichokes, I've always loved this poem:

    by Henry Taylor

    "If poetry did not exist, would you
    have had the wit to invent it?" -Howard Nemerov

    He had studied in private years ago
    the way to eat these things, and was prepared
    when she set the clipped green globe before him.
    He only wondered (as he always did
    when he plucked from the base the first thick leaf,
    dipped it into the sauce and caught her eye
    as he deftly set the velvet curve against
    the inside edges of his lower teeth
    and drew the tender pulp towards his tongue
    while she made some predictable remark
    about the sensuality of this act
    then sheared away the spines and ate the heart)
    what mind, what hunger, first saw this as food.

  3. Wonderful artichoke lighting images! So many to choose them!


  4. Beautiful! The Louis Poulsen original will always be my favorite - it's a classic! Love the name of your blog!