Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Score on Craig's List

Almost a couple of months ago I found a fabulous sofa on Craig's List. I look on Craig's List quite often and had been looking for an older sofa with wood trim. I found plenty, but they were usually too expensive or way to beat up to want to purchase. On this day in early April I logged on to Craig's List and found the set of my dreams. It had only been listed 10 minutes earlier, so I felt it was just meant to be. This beauty came with a matching chair too! Later that day and with only $340.00 spent, the set had found it's new home.

I will be reupholstering these and possibly refinishing the wood as well. I would like to change the cushion on the sofa from three separate cushions to one long cushion. They originally had tufted backs and nail head trim, so I will probably restore them to with the character they were meant to have. I'm searching for a linen fabric for the project, but haven't made any final decisions. Here are a few pictures of my Craig's List lovelies.


  1. What a beautiful couch and chair. I love the lines. Will you do the upholstering yourself? I envy you that talent. I have a rocking chair I'll redo, but that is simple compared to your job. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

  2. Amazing CL find's. You must live in a large metro area to have plenty to chose from. Can't wait to see them finished!

  3. Hi Pat and Lamp Tramp!

    Pat, I won't be reupholstering these myself, although I will most likely be taking an upholstery class through our local community college system that starts in the fall. These are just too beautiful to risk messing up. I most likely will redo in linen and that is too expensive to not know what I am doing.
    Lamp Tramp, I live in the Phoenix metro area and there is so much to choose from. The question is usually how far am I willing to drive to get something as our valley is pretty spead out. Keep reading ladies, I hope I won't disappoint!

  4. Those will turn out wonderful! You have a new follower!! Don't you just love when a new face pops up??

    You will do great on your blog! I am really enjoying mine. Won't be home much the next few weeks to post much but will get back to it later this month! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Ooooooohhhhhh how fun! Can't wait to see what you do with them! So glad to have found you!:)