Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Decorated Garden Sheds- Magical Outdoor Spaces

I want a garden shed. Not any old garden shed, mind you, but a beautiful outdoor space that I can decorate to give my back yard more charm and character. I've been kind of obsessed with idea ever since seeing the post of Lauren's shed at Pure Style Home
Isn't this a beautiful outdoor space!

I got an email from Costco about the shed they have for sale on their website. I would love to put this in my back yard and have a little fun with it. It is currently $300.00 off right now. Humm....

They actually have quite a few sheds that I could have fun with. Here's the link to check them out. Costco Sheds 

I have done a little searching on the internet to find some other totally cool decorated sheds. I found these designer decorated sheds on the Berkshire Botanical Gardens web site. Here's the gallery file.

I found this cute garden shed at A Storybook Life blog.
I even found a whole blog dedicated to garden sheds called Garden Shed Hall of Fame. Check out this shed from the blog.

Here's a link to a picture gallery of a few Cleveland area sheds. I think this rustic shed is adorable.
I have found out that there are many out there in internet land who share my obsession. Here's a post at A Whimsical Bohemian. Here's a cute yellow shed on her blog post.

Any other sheds that I must see? Comment and let me know about them. Heck, just comment and let me know if you share my love of garden sheds!


  1. I've been seeing a lot of them recently from the Where Bloggers Create party at The Desert Cottage blog. Many people use them as studios for creating whatever they are into. I have a shed that is just a shed, but I think it would be great to have one not too far from the house that you could go into and do your own thing. I'd use mine for crafting and my interior decorating business!

  2. I wouldn't want it to be a garden shed--a playhouse, a playhouse for my little girlies!

  3. Hello there! I just discovered your blog, and just became a Follower. LOVE your post about the sheds! I have a shed, and my shed LOOKS like a shed! Dirty, messy, cluttered, etc. Ha-ha! Oh, how I wish I would get the gumption to make it into one of these sheds... Well, I can dream can't I? :)
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog!
    Best regards,

  4. All photos are beautiful.Thank you very much for such a nice post.I love this. Shed Plans

  5. I'm doing a post on garden sheds at called Mel's Cabin and I used one of your photos. Thanks!
    I'm linking back to your post from mine.