Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fabulous Fabric Finds

A designers' workroom in my town was having a remnant sale and sent me an invitation. I was there bright and early on a Saturday morning to get the best picks. Most of their fabrics were going to be priced at $1 to $2 per yard and I was not going to miss out on that!

I ended up buying $46 dollars of deals. I bought two solid fabrics in fabulous colors for just $1 each for almost 2 yards of fabric. I also bought this custom made queen duvet cover for only $20.00!
BUT, my big bargain of the day was this beautiful crewel fabric! I bought 11 yards of this crewel which probably had a retail price of well over $200.00 a yard for only $2.00 a yard!!! I think I am going to have new curtain panels made for my living room windows. It will look fabulous in my living room and I'll probably have enough fabric left over to make a couple of coordinating pillows too.


  1. Wow! The crewel fabric is gorgeous...and what a steal! Please post photos of the finished projects you have planned! :)

  2. The crewel fabric is beautiful....Ax

  3. That crewel is gorgeous! I'd also love to see the finished product. That duvet was such a bargain, and the pattern and color will work with so many looks and styles. That kind of sale just makes me smile every time I think about it!

  4. The duvet has a sad story to it. A local designer placed quite a few orders for clients and then couldn't afford to pay the workroom. There were many beautiful items and I was lucky to get this duvet. That was my reward for getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning. I can only imagine how much this fabric was per yard and I know first hand how much it costs to fabricate a custom duvet. It will look beautiful in my guest room.

  5. Oh that fabric is just a woven piece of heaven.

    May I ask which workroom this was so I can sign up? :)

  6. It was Mac's Drapery in the Scottsdale Airpark. They have a Facebook page that you can "like" so they can let you know of any special events.

  7. I used to have a wing back chair done in a very similar crewel fabric! I have a friend who has some wonderful shades in a fabric very similar in her antique home in MA.
    Have fun!
    Dandelion Wishes,