Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HomeGoods Happiness!

I went shopping on Memorial Day like so many others. I was hoping to find some new dresses, but no such luck. I stopped by my local HomeGoods where I am always in heaven. So many cute things for the home at such great prices! The lamps caught my eye first. I noticed that many of the items in the store had a beachy theme. Maybe cause I am in a summer mood and that is what I am drawn to right now. I really love the outdoor table and chairs that came in a variety of colors. The table was only $69.00 and the chairs were $39.00 each. Here's a pictorial of some of the wonderful things I found yesterday. Enjoy!


  1. I am soooooo jealous. We don't have a Home Goods anywhere near us. I have never even been to a Home Goods store. Don't you feel sorry for me. I do haunt our TJ Maxx on a weekly basis though. I call it my home away from home. :)

  2. Amazing what a good eye can pick up on at Homegoods :)

  3. Oh man, seeing all your Homegoods pictures sent me into a frenzy and now I must go!! I could easily spend 10k in there I think. I plan on going tomorrow or Thursday!