Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Being Thrifty

Okay, I know I made a post about purging stuff yesterday, so I am (almost) embarrassed to show off some of my finds from yesterday. My oldest daughter and I hit a few thrift stores in Phoenix yesterday. I didn't say I was purging everything, just the things I didn't love. Here's what I picked up:

I just HAD to buy this artichoke lamp for half off!!!

These sconces will be totally cute when I am done with them!

I am purchasing miscellaneous frames to make a picture frame wall.

Another half price item!

How could I pass this up?

Here's a table I purchased a while ago for $25 that will look so cute made over. 

This is my new living room coffee table. It still needs a redo, but I love the detailing. It was a steal and came from the Bellaggio Hotel in Las Vegas.

What great finds have you found thrifting lately?


  1. Ha wow! Purging is no fun but buying new thrifty things is! I'm going today so I hope I have good luck like you. You found some great things!!

  2. Emily, I figure some of my purges will be someone else's treasures. I have accessories that I get bored with easily. Now I have to decide whether to give them a facelift or pass them on to others to love. Be sure to share any fun things you pick up today!

  3. What great finds. Love that lamp, I would have snatched that, too. Coffee table from the Bellagio, wow. Can't wait to see how you fix it up.