Monday, June 28, 2010

Outdoor Metal Bench Makeover

Hi Everyone! I promised the second part to my entry makeover. I showed the table redo yesterday. Here's a reminder of what I started with. This sad metal bench was just too modern for my current taste. I loved that the size was just perfect for the space. I had also priced out new benches and they were really expensive. I just couldn't justify spending the money in this economy.
I wanted to give the bench a more feminine feel than it had. Here's the supplies I used to accomplish the transformation:
Wire Brush
Sand Paper
Gorilla Glue or Other Appropriate Glue
Wooden Appliqués from Home Store
Spray Primer (I used a rust blocking primer for metal)
Spray Paint of Your Color Choice (I used Valspar Porcelain Indoor/Exterior Satin Paint)
Clean Rags
Glazing Liquid (I used Valspar premixed mocha glaze)
Clear, Flat Finish Sealer

Here are the steps I took to complete this look:
1. Wipe down bench with lightly damp cloth.
2. Use wire brush to remove loose paint or finish if any.
3. Sand and smooth any edges where paint has loosened.
4. Wipe away any sanding residue to start with a clean, clear surface.

The "old" bench had metal cut outs on the back. I didn't like that look and wanted to change this. Notice the cut out detail in the above photo. To change this look and to give the bench more detail, I added wooden appliques. Here is what the bench looked like after I glued on the appliques.

5. Glue on wooden appliqués with Gorilla Glue or other appropriate glue. Clamp if necessary and let dry. Wipe away any excess glue that may squeeze out before glue dries.
6. Spray on primer coat and let dry.
7. Lightly sand to ensure a smooth finish if necessary. Wipe away residue before going to next step.
8. Spray on paint color of your choice. If a second coat is needed, you may choose to lightly sand with a fine sand paper between coats for a really nice finish. Be sure to wipe away sanding residue before applying second coat. Let dry.
9. Pour small amount of glazing liquid onto a clean rag and wipe over surface. Wipe away excess glaze with another rag. Apply and wipe away glazing liquid until you have achieved the desired look. Let dry thoroughly.
10. Spray with a flat finish clear coat to protect the piece.

Here's the bench after the redo. What do you think? I love how it turned out and the price was certainly right!

Notice all the over spray from the spray paint. I didn't realize how bad the over spray was until I cleaned up. Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. There is a wonder product called Goof Off 2 that removes dried on latex paint. I put some Goof Off 2 in a container, put on rubber gloves, and scrubbed away with a scrub brush. I then rinsed off my entry floor. I still need to get some more and finish the job, but it made a world of difference!
All I had to do to complete the look was to add the new cushion and pillows. Here's what it looks like with some color added.
I also found some very inexpensive art at the same big box discount retailer. Since it will hang in a covered entry I thought I would buy it. It looks like it was made for this set even though it isn't.
I also have a metal console/planter in my outdoor entry. I am planning to paint  and glaze this to match the bench and table. I'll stencil the tiles to match the table top.
I'd like to find a small outdoor rug to finish off the space. A new entry mat would look nice too. I have been wanting to paint my front door and refinish the hardware. Oh boy, the projects just keep on coming. 
I'd love to hear what you think about this project! BTW, a reporter and photographer from the major Phoenix newspaper, the Arizona Republic, came to my home and interviewed me today. They will be featuring me in an article about DIY home projects. This bench and table set will be shown as well as my Dollar Store Dog Biscuit Frame. I will post the link to the article when it is published. It probably won't be until September though. The good news about the newspaper visit is that my home hasn't been this tidy in a long time. It was scary clean, except for our home office where I stashed everything. Now all of my mess is in one place more or less and will be easier to tackle. Ha Ha Ha, even I'm laughing at that statement!

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  1. Susie that is awesome!! I love the new bench and the cushion!! The glaze was perfect finish. How awesome you were interviewed!!

  2. Well done...that looks fantastic. What a transformation and you did it yourself, thats even better.
    Love the steps you included and your little side table adds a lovely little touch.

  3. I love the bench seat cover, the color is very cheery.

  4. Fabulous transformation ~ the bench in its new state looks like it was made for the space.

  5. Love it! The bench looks gorgeous. What a great transformation.
    Congratulations on the newspaper article, how exciting for you:o)

  6. Oh! your bench is so pretty and light!! Love the direction you're going with this makeover - looking forward to seeing the next project. & congrats on your interview!

  7. It looks great, Susie! You'd never know it had the previous design going on either.

  8. What a beautiful space you've created. I love the bench transformation. Great choice of colors. =)

  9. Holy cow! This bench looks GORGEOUS. That was such a fantastic idea of yours to glue those squares where you didn't like the cut-outs. Genius! I hope you don't mind, especially because I have zero creativity talent, but did you think of putting that bench on an angle? It might be nice that way to welcome people in, and people might see it better. Just a suggestion! (I know, I know, you didn't ask so why am I offering a suggestion on furniture placement -- I'm sorry!)
    Anyway, it is fantastic, great job.
    Best regards,

  10. P.S. I forgot to say: that picture matches perfectly! It looks so good!


  11. I love this sofa re-do! This looks so amazing.