Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buffet Makeover

Quite a while ago I wrote about my old Mexican buffet that I wanted to redo. I had bought the buffet years ago when my children were young. I loved the Mexican style furniture back then that is so readily available in the southwest. I loved it because with two young children and a big black Labrador, there was nothing that any of them could do to the Mexican furniture that didn't just add to the rustic character of it. Here's a before picture of the buffet I am talking about.
I had been wanting a new buffet for such a long time because my tastes are more grown up and so different now. Being an interior designer, as time has gone by I've learned my style and my decor preferences in a way I just wasn't in tune with when my children were young. I am more true to myself when decorating now. For years I was too afraid to really decorate in my true taste for fear that it would be too feminine for my husband. Over the years he learned to trust me to not make our home too feminine. This was especially true in our major bath and bedroom remodel,  Our home has feminine touches, but I make sure to keep a nice balance so he feels comfortable in our home too. I also keep my dear, sweet husband in the loop regarding any changes I am looking to make to our home and give him say in the decisions making.

As I have looked to replaced our buffet I realized that I was not willing to pay the high price of new, high quality furniture. I even get a really nice "To the Trades" with most manufacturers. My current buffet is a really large and holds so much. I rather save my money and spend it on things for my home that I can make, so the makeover was smart, sensible and done completely to my taste. Are you ready to see the after???
I knew that one of the most important ways I could completely change the look was to add legs to the buffet. I wanted to get the piece off the floor. I went to a local shop that sells to upholsterers and designers that has a nice selection of furniture legs and found the perfect one. Not too tall and not to short with a graceful style too.
It's hard to tell from the full buffet picture some of the ways I made this makeover special. I stenciled the top of the buffet in a robin's egg blue and a color called laguna blue that has a teal tone to it. I put a robin's egg blue border around the top too.
The drawer fronts were really rustic before the redo. They required a lot of filler and sanding to smooth them out. Here's a look at what the drawers and doors used to look like.
Here's what the drawers and doors look like now that I have made them pretty.
I added some stencils to the side of the buffet as well. This buffet sits in our living room/dining room combo and the sides are very visible in the room so it was important that I make the sides pretty too.
So this is my buffet redo. I think it looks pretty good, especially against the newly painted wall. We painted the walls Sherwin Williams Copen Blue and I love the soft blue color. I have always loved painting furniture and used to paint children's furniture as a business for a while. If you want to check out some of my other painted furniture, take a look at my interior design web site Susie Goldstein Interiors LLC


  1. wow love the makeover it looks so much better white its so pretty

  2. Wow this is some makeover!! I am impressed and love the color and the stencil you chose. Fabulous!!