Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scottsdale Interior Designer Weekend Get Away

Recently my husband, Michael, and I felt the need for a weekend get away. I did some research and some smart shopping and got us a great deal on a weekend stay at the Riviera Spa and Resort in Palm Springs, California which is only a four hour drive from our Scottsdale, Arizona home.

Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs California at Night!
Here's a night time photo of our Palm Springs hotel at night!
The resort turned out to be a big party hotel so next time we will probably try a more low-key place to stay. While the resort wasn't our style in the long run, the beds were sooooo comfortable and the hotel and rooms are decorated in a hip retro vibe. These rooms, though beautifully designed, were starting to show some wear and tear on the furniture.

Riviera Resort and Spa Lounge Photo!
Here's a picture of the resort lounge.
The night time pool picture looks cool and serene, but that's definitely not the way it looks during the day- total party pool!

Riviera Resort and Spa Main Pool at Night!
Here's a look at this fabulous pool when the party isn't going on!
The suites are fabulous but we just had a regular room near the pool. It wasn't a big room, but the space was well used. As a Scottsdale interior designer I just couldn't help taking room photos before our room got too messy.

Riviera Resort and Spa hotel Room Showing the Bed
Here's the sooo comfy and hip bed set up!
Here's another view of the room.

Riviera Resort and Spa Hotel Room Bar Photo
Here's the in room bar and lounge chair!
Here's the view of the fun art work that really livened the space.

Riviera Resort and Spa Hotel Room Art Photo
I loved this Marilyn Monroe art which helped with the retro vibe in the rooms!
Here's a view of the desk with a flat screen television overhead. I love the chair and the resort had a pretty good selection of television channels too.

Riviera Resort and Spa Hotel Room Desk Photo
Here's the desk with a really funky and fun desk chair!
Fun rooms! If you are a real party guy or girl you will love this resort. I'm glad I stayed and I loved the Palm Springs area. We will definitely go back, but I am not so sure I would stay here again. My 21 year old daughter and her friends would love it though! There are some great shops in the area and the Desert Hill Outlet Mall is nearby. Check out the Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage area too. We had dinner at Sullivan's Steakhouse in the El Paseo district in Palm Desert. It was a wonderful meal and I look forward to eating here again!

Susie and Michael at Sullivan's Steakhouse in Palm Desert, CA
Here we are at Sullivan's after a great meal. You must try the Bananas Foster Bread Pudding. Yum!
We will be returning to the Palm Springs and Palm Desert again! We had a fabulous time and stopped at the Sherman's Deli and Bakery for some great Kosher style deli food. We indulged in desserts again. I had the yummy lemon cake and my hubby had the chocolate creme cake. Both were to die for and a great way to end the weekend as we headed back to Scottsdale and work!
If you have ever wanted a bedroom with a resort feel to it, I can create a vacation sanctuary for your every day life.
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